Lost Ark Tier 2 Island Routes Guide – Expert Tips & Tricks

The discovery of the next stage of the Lost Ark game post the Tier 1 Islands invokes the curiosity of the players. The dungeons at the Tier 2 level hold materials and treasures of superior quality that are exclusive to this level. However, unraveling the mysteries and locating these prized islands can be a daunting task.

It is recommended that players complete the Tier 1 Islands and the primary narrative quest of Yorn before embarking on their journey to the Tier 2 level. Additionally, upgrading the Rapier would enable players to navigate the perilous waters with ease.

Best Lost Ark Tier 2 Island Routes

Here, we present to you a guide on the best Lost Ark Tier 2 Island Routes that will equip you with the knowledge to access the elusive islands and reap the rewards they have to offer. These islands are Aiwana Island, Liebeheim Island, Fomona Island, Skywind Island, Distorted Island, and Hypnos’s Eyes.

1. Aiwana Island

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island guide – Aiwana Island

The first Lost Ark Tier 2 Island – Aiwana Island – is situated in the origin of Stern. Accessing this island requires completion of the “The Perfect Getaway” purple quest, which leads players to the island. Upon reaching Aiwana Island, players must complete all quests and the hidden quest that emerges after interacting with a box on the island to obtain a plethora of Tier 2 materials.

2. Liebeheim Island

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island guide – Liebeheim Island

The second island on our guide – Liebeheim Island – is located south of North Vern and west of Tortoyk. Completion of all quests on the island will lead to the discovery of Tier 2 items.

3. Fomona Island

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island guide – Fomona Island

The third Lost Ark Tier 2 Island – Fomona Island – is located north of the East Luterra port. This island features a few quick quests, and players can replay the quests on this island with a character of the opposite gender to obtain the Tier 2 rewards a second time.

4. Rivelry Row

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island guide – Rivelry Row

The fourth Lost Ark Tier 2 Island – Rivelry Row – is located to the north of Luterra. With an impressive bounty of valuable tier 2 materials just waiting to be harvested by a savvy adventurer such as yourself, you can catapult your gear to new heights by completing just a few quests on this island.

5. Distorted Island

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island guide – Distorted Island

The fifth island on our guide – Distorted Island – is located south of South Vern. Players must complete a purple quest assigned by an NPC on the island. To find the NPC, players must traverse the woods on their right when they commence their journey on the island. The NPC’s location changes throughout the quest, and players must complete the Cube, which requires a ticket, to obtain the Tier 2 rewards.

6. Hypnos’s Eyes

Lost Ark Tier 2 Island guide – Hypnos's Eyes

Finally, Hypnos’s Eyes, situated southeast of Rohendel, concludes our Lost Ark Tier 2 Island Routes guide. This island presents players with numerous quests and rewards, including the “Playing by the Pirate’s Rules” daily quest, which bestows them with additional Tier 2 materials every day.

In conclusion, the Lost Ark Tier 2 Island Routes guide provides players with a comprehensive understanding of the game’s second tier islands and equips them with the skills required to navigate the intricate web of quests and obtain the exclusive Tier 2 items and materials.

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