Intel’s Dual Core i3-7350K Beats Quad-Core i5 CPUs in Leaked Benchmarks

Intel Core i3-8130U gets turbo boost

The Intel Core i3-7350K benchmarks have leaked on the web which show the upcoming dual core Kaby Lake chip offering an i5 quad-core level of performance. The overclocking ready i3-7350K nearly outperforms all of Intel’s current and previous generation quad-core i5 processors, and even enters the Sandy Bridge i7 territory.

First of its kind, the Core i3-7350K comes with an overclocking friendly unlocked multiplier which is something that enthusiasts have been asking for a long time. The dual core, four thread chip is rated at a TDP of 91W and features 4MB of L3 cache. Being part of the Kaby Lake family, it is built on Intel’s 14nm Plus process which is designed to deliver better boost frequencies and power efficiency over ordinary Skylake chips.

The new Kaby Lake i3 chip features a core clock speed of 4GHz and boosts up to 4.2GHz. This coupled with an unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking, makes the little chip deliver a single-core score of 5137 which is significantly faster than any stock Core i5 CPU out there.


Not only this but the i3-7350K appears to be on par with the quad-core i5 chips like the i5 6400 and i5 4670K in multi-core performance, as it manages to hit an impressive multi-core score of 10048.


With a performance like that, a Kaby Lake i3 part should simply eat through Intel’s own i5 sales. But it seems that Intel deemed the move necessary amid rumors of AMD’s next-gen Zen CPUs offering highly competitive performance at extremely aggressive price points.

Set to arrive in January 2017, the flagship octa-core Zen CPU will reportedly be available for just $300, while delivering performance that is at the very least equivalent to Intel’s $1000 Core i7-5960X.

As for the Intel Core i3-7350K, the dual core chip is rumored to retail at $177. The pricing is indeed competitive considering the kind of performance we’ve seen above in leaked benchmarks. If this could hold true, the product may be a bargain that budget gamers will flock to in 2017.