Intel Discloses Desktop Kaby Lake-S Lineup and 200-Series Chipsets

Intel has sent out a ‘Product Change Notification‘ through its public channels to more or less voluntarily confirm its desktop family of Kaby Lake processors, including the Core i7-7700K and Core i5-7600K. The document discloses models numbers of the new Kaby Lake-S lineup as well as some of their specifications.

Intel Confirms 11 Quad-Core Kaby Lake-S CPUs for Desktop

The PCN notifies the customers about an additional Intel qualified assembly site located in Vietnam where the company will begin manufacturing its Kaby Lake-S line of products. There are at least 11 quad core KBL-S chips for desktops that the company plans to launch in the first quarter of 2017. Though the first batch of processors assembled in Vietnam will start shipping from November 4, this week.

The Kaby Lake-S lineup, as per Intel’s document for partners, comprises of three Core i7 SKUs, seven Core i5 CPUs as well as one Xeon E3 v6 product. All the processors use the B0 stepping of the core, and they’ll have 100-300 MHz higher clock speeds than their Skylake-S counterparts. The Turbo frequencies are not revealed yet, but we expect them to be considerably higher than the base clock rates thanks to the improved 14nm+ process technology.

Basic Specifications of Intel Kaby Lake-S Lineup

The flagship Core i7-7700K is a monster with a base frequency of 4.2GHz, the locked i7-7700 is clocked at 3.6GHz, and the i7-7700T down at 2.9GHz. The turbo speed of the i7-7700K could be in the range of 4.4-4.5GHz, while other chips are expected to have a larger range.

As for the top-end Core i5 product, the i5-7600K comes with a frequency of 3.8GHz and is expected to boost all of the way up to 4.2GHz – becoming the first in the Intel Core i5 range to hit a maximum stock clock speed in excess of 4.0GHz.

The PCN doesn’t specify TDP ratings of the Kaby Lake-S series processors, but we do not expect much to change given the base microarchitecture is essentially the same as Skylake.

Intel 200-Series Chipsets Launching alongside Kaby Lake-S Lineup

On the chipset side of things, another document Intel sent to partners confirms the names of its new 200-series chipsets. The lineup includes the Z270 PCH for enthusiast-grade PCs; Q270, H270 and H250 for mainstream systems; and the B250 for business computers.

In addition to these, the list includes a couple of unknowns as well. The C422 is probably geared towards workstations, as we have a new Xeon E3-1205 v6 CPU SKU listed on the other PCN. The Intel X299 chipset is likely for the future the Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X based platforms.

The benefits of the 200-series chipsets include additional PCIe 3.0 lanes and support for Intel’s brand-new Optane SSDs.

Intel will reportedly launch its desktop Kaby Lake-S processors on 5th of January, right at the start of CES 2017. The 200-series motherboards will hit the shelves on the same day, as well.