AMD Planning a 7nm Gray Hawk APU; Quad-core Chip with Navi Graphics?

AMD is reportedly planning to launch a 7nm quad-core APU, code-named Gray Hawk, in 2019. The APU is expected to succeed Raven Ridge that is based on the 14nm Zen architecture and scheduled for 2017 launch.

AMD’s 7nm Starship Processor Planned for 2018

Last month, we heard reports about AMD’s plans for a 48-core, 96 threads processor that will be based on the 7nm process node. The chip is code-named Starship and is thought to be coming after the Naples platform which is a 32-core processor based on the 14nm Zen architecture. This makes sense as AMD’s manufacturing partner GlobalFoundries has just announced its plans to skip 10nm node and focus to deliver 7nm FinFET technology by 2018.

Like Naples, AMD Startship x86 processor will target the high-end server market as well as high performance desktop computers. The chips will have a TDP ranging from 35W all the way to 180W. Considering the fact that Starship will be built using the 7nm process, not only will it be more cost-effective than the Zen based CPUs but it will be much more power efficient. AMD could roll out the Starship processor by the end of 2018.

AMD Planning 7nm Gray Hawk APU – TDPs As Low As 10W

According to a new report from Fudzilla, AMD is also planning to launch its first 7nm based APU code-named Gray Hawk. The APU will be designed to attain lower TDPs and target specific embedded markets.

We already know that AMD is expected to launch its Raven Ridge APU based on 14nm process in the second half of 2017. It will be the company’s first Zen-based APU with Polaris-based integrated graphics. It seems like the AMD Gray Hawk will succeed Raven Ridge.

The report suggests that this 7nm APU will sport up to four cores and eight threads, and might find applications in arcade gaming, industrial control and automation, retail signage, HMI and security machines, and highly profitable medical imaging market.

Of course, there will be a notebook version of the Gray Hawk APU as well, though it could have a different code name. For those interested, notebooks with Zen / Polaris APUs inside are expected hit the shelves some time in the second half of 2017.

We might see the Gray Hawk APU featuring the next-gen Navi-based graphics but that’s unclear at the moment. The report further mentions that the APU will have TDPs as low as 10W and is scheduled for a 2019 launch.

As always, I would advise to take this information with a grain of salt. There’s nothing official yet so the specs and plans are subject to change.

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