AMD Zen 2 based Pinnacle Ridge Planned for Early 2018, Zen 3 Also In Works

AMD Zen 2 and Zen 3 already in the works

It’s only been a week since AMD released their Ryzen processors and we’re already hearing rumors about its successor. According to a new report from PCGamesHardware, the AMD Zen 2 based Pinnacle Ridge family will succeed the company’s current Summit Ridge processor lineup, and could launch in early 2018.

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AMD Zen 2 and Zen 3 Already In Works, Expect up to 15% IPC Increment

Back at CES 2017, AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster stated that the new Zen architecture will last at least for four years. The company has already confirmed in its multi-generational roadmap that the current revision of Zen core would be followed up by Zen 2 and Zen 3 during this four year period.

AMD is actually using a leapfrog design which means they’ve got one team working on Zen 2, while there is another team that is working on Zen 3 at the same time. The company’s President and CEO Lisa Su said in a Reddit AMA:

“In new product development, you always learn a lot and we have our list of things that we are adding to Zen 2 and Zen 3 to get even more performance going forward.”

AMD CPU roadmap - Zen 2 IPC increase

We’ll likely see an IPC (Instruction Per Cycle) increase moving from one generation of Zen to another. If you remember, AMD was originally looking for an IPC increment of about 40% over the previous Excavator technology. However, they managed to achieve a staggering 52% leap instead. So we can expect Zen follow-ups to come with IPC gains ranging from 5 to 15%.

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AMD Zen 2 based Pinnacle Ridge to Arrive in Early 2018 After The Raven Ridge APU

According to the report, the Pinnacle Ridge lineup is planned for launch in early 2018. It would feature AMD Zen 2 cores offering even more performance for desktop and server users.

With Pinnacle Ridge, we could see a total of around 65% IPC increase over Excavator. Apart from IPC gains, AMD would also be looking to further optimize the chips for gaming applications and resolve issues they’re currently facing with Ryzen.

Prior to Pinnacle Ridge however, AMD would launch Raven Ridge in the second half of this year. Raven Ridge is AMD’s new APU based on the Zen architecture, with all SKUs being branded as Ryzen chips. The APU could also boast some enhancements that would later make it to the Zen 2 cores.

On GPU side, Raven Ridge will feature the latest Radeon Vega which would, of course, improve graphics power of the integrated chip. The APU will be primarily designed for notebooks, and could be priced around the $250 mark.

  • ATI nsider

    15% IPC increments are based on ZEN 1 that has fully been optimized. We can very well see a lot more than just 15%. I speculate in the range of about 25% increase, if not more.

    • ireadtabloids

      You mean 25% performance increase, and possibly more than 15% IPC increase?
      I’m not expecting 15% IPC increase in one generation. Maybe between Zen 1 and Zen 3 we will see that. Expecting more of the usual 6-10% from Zen 1 to Zen 2, which is still very good.

      Checkout the tomshardware AMD AMA. Well worth a read. They reference Kaby Lake’s IPC so its definitely going to be at least a 6% improvement. Then they also see a lot of room to improve clocks.

      Say Zen 2 has 10% higher clocks and 6% better IPC, that’s just shy of a 17% increase.
      That would be absolutely huge if they could make that happen, and I honestly think that’s close to our best case scenario. Worst case 5% IPC increase and 5% clock increase, which is still a 10% increase, enough to snag the Sandy Bridge-Haswell upgraders.

      Best case scenario, 20% performance increase and 2018 release, which would put it right on par with Coffee Lake and Skylake-X. Realistically I’m expecting it to be a little less performance, but still continuing to close the gap between AMD and Intel.

      • ATInsider

        If we were talking about Bulldozer to Pikedriver to Steamroller, to Excavator, perhaps.
        But ZEN is a completely different beast. There’s huge potential inside ZEN.

        But you make very reasonable IPC predictions I’m just quite optimistic. Because Ryzen itself needs optimizations. And it’s not done yet.

        And Ryzen at the moment already does Very Well in Multitasking. Wins over Intel at least 80% of the time. It’s Gaming Performance is gaining strength. We’ll see soon enough. ZEN2 isn’t far off ;):)

      • ATInsider

        15% IPC Increase per Generation. ZEN1 to ZEN2 to ZEN3. I would agree but that’s without any Manufacturing Process Enhancements. But You never know.