AMD rumored to Not release an SR5 6-core Ryzen CPU, But The 8C/8T Parts instead

AMD X399 16-core Ryzen CPU rumored

The Ryzen rumor mill is in overdrive, with the latest reports claiming that there will be no 6-core Ryzen CPU coming out. Instead, an 8C/8T chip will be part of the mid-range SR5 lineup which leaves us with only 8-core and 4-core Ryzen CPUs.

AMD’s Next-gen Processor Lineup won’t include 6-core Ryzen CPU

AMD is expected to release Ryzen CPU in three distinct tiers: SR7, SR5 and SR3 – just like Intel’s Core i7, i5 and i3 product lines. The SR7 will be the top-of-the-line series comprising of eight-core, 16-thread CPUs we’ve seen in previous AMD demos and so many leaks.

At CES 2017, AMD showcased an engineering sample of the same chip running at 3.6GHz base and 3.9GHz boost clock speeds. The retail version of the chip is said to be clocked at a slightly higher 4.0GHz frequency. The 8C/16T Ryzen chips will go head to head against Intel’s Core i7 CPUs.

AMD Ryzen CPU lineup - No 6-core CPUs

The SR3 will include quad-core Ryzen CPUs that will support up to eight threads. These chips will feature a base clock of 3.4GHz or higher, and TDP rated at only 45W. The 4-core Ryzen will take on Intel’s Core i5 and i3 chips on desktops.

The AMD SR5 series will target the mid-range segment, and from what we’ve heard so far, it will comprise of 6-core Ryzen CPUs that will support 12 threads.

But, if this new report from ZoLKoRn is accurate, there will be no 6-core Ryzen CPU, but the 8-core, 8-thread chips. The report further claims that these 8C/8T Ryzen CPUs will have multi-threading disabled.

Keep in mind that there is no confirmation from AMD regarding this and it’s still a rumor, so we’ll advise you to treat it with the usual grain of salt.

What’s confirmed is that all AMD Ryzen CPUs will be multiplier unlocked offering overclocking right of the box.

AMD Ryzen overclocking

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AMD Ryzen Release Date and Price Rumors

According to a previous report, the development of the Ryzen CPU is finished, and last delays are caused only by bugs in the BIOS of the motherboards. AMD is scheduled to unveil its next-generation Zen processors at the end of February.

The most powerful of the bunch will launch first in the first week of March with SR5 and SR3 Ryzen SKUs following later in July.

In terms of the pricing, the flagship SR7 eight-core chips are expected to cost somewhere between $580 and $720. The 8C/8T Ryzen CPUs could be priced around $300 mark, which is arguably going to be the sweet-spot of the new Zen stack.

Finally, the entry-level SR3 4C/8T parts might cost around $170, which if true sounds really impressive.

Are you excited about the Ryzen launch? If yes, which Ryzen CPU are you planning to use in your next PC build? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Dan Eagen

    I think more likely is 4c/8t, 6c/12t, and 8c/16t. Hyperthreading isn’t a defect so it makes more sense that a 6c would be the salvage part. If you have one or two defective cores it makes more business sense to sell that at a higher price than disabling two and selling it as a 4. It’s not like we haven’t had 6 core parts in the past.

    • LeVvE

      It could also be that the chip didn’t pass with their set voltage with SMT enabled and disabling SMT they could make an 8/8 chip of it instead of cutting it down to a 4 or 6 core.

      For example my Intel CPU with HT enabled is 15C hotter during load than with HT disabled. It could be that the Ryzen chips were too hot/unstable with SMT enabled.

      • Dan Eagen

        I had not considered that, and they might get more $ for an 8/8 than a 6/12 in some regions because MOAR CORES.

  • Joe Knox

    $600-700 makes this a no go. Been waiting years for these chips but that exorbitant price no thank you…

    • Christopher Caples

      6900k 5960x both 8 core processors with 16 threads and they are 1049 I don’t see how AMD is being exorbitant with their price

  • john chambers

    going to get a 6600K for $220 and a z170 board for $120. z270 lake boards are $160 and the 7600K is 250. 7600K is not worth the extra price for no gain in performance. I love AMD but those prices are too high for me.

  • dosporuno

    I was hoping for a 6C/12T that was cheaper than the i7-7700K. I guess I should be happy with 8 true cores in an 8/8 configuration for $300, but if the performance isn’t better than an overclocked i7-7700K I’ll probably stick with Intel. Maybe Intel pricing will come down a bit, but I’m keeping those expectations low. I guess a long shot will be the SR3 competing with the i7 with its 4C/8T setup but that seems unlikely. I’ve been putting off this build for months because of Ryzen so it will be a little disappointing if it leads to nothing. I’m dying to get this thing started.

  • J b

    $580 – 720 , disappointed , was holding off my 6850k build , never bought amd before, looks like I never will

    • Daishi

      Hard to say how long those prices will hold if Intel drops their prices in response. Also, if the performance isn’t up there, I wouldn’t expect that possible price range to stay where it is.

  • Chris

    Well, if these prices end up being true then AMD will be a no-go for me. I don’t overclock, so that’s not a selling point for me. I’m due for an upgrade and was hoping to use the Ryzen equivalent of an i5. Looks like I may have to go with the Intel product instead.

    • micgre8162

      Don’t let the lack of a 6 core deter you. The i5 is only a 4 core. I was hoping for a 6c/12t as well, but i’ll take an 8c/8t that does better than the i5 at a lower price point. The chip still has to perform though. I’m not buying it just because I want an AMD chip.

    • Christopher Caples

      any i5 is 200 bucks correct? This article stated that there will be a 4c/8t processor that performs better than an i5 or on par starting at 170. So I don’t understand the prices you’re talking about

  • Christopher Caples

    It’s amazing how many people are comparing prices of an i5 4c/4t against an 8c/8t processor they aren’t even close to the same ball park people. the 4c/8t is what you need to worry about if you’re comparing i5 prices. 8c/8t should cost respectfully in the neighborhood of an I-7 6c/12t processor and that is in the enthusiast market along with the 8c/16t. Keep on speculating the prices, look to the past with amd and the actual performance that their 200 to 240 dollar processors and it’s understandable what the prices could be. 300$ for an 8c/8t is a great price all the main stream I7s cost 300~400 and they have 4c/8t.

    So suck it up kids quit being babies. Amd might be making a comeback to performance.

  • ralunger

    ill go with the 8/8 ryzen coz the app im using doesnt perform well with hyperthreading. it ironically performs well when hyperthreading is turned off.