AMD RYZEN CPU Benchmarks Leaked; Compared against i7-7700K & i7-6900K in Cinebench R15

AMD Ryzen refresh to be called KYZEN?

New AMD RYZEN CPU benchmarks have leaked over at Chinese Baidu forums. The scores are pretty impressive which confirm that the company’s next-generation line of processors will target the enthusiast PC market.

The leaker benchmarked the RYZEN CPU in Cinebench R15 and Fritz Chess. This is allegedly the same chip that AMD used for demonstration in the New Horizon event last week. Based on the brand-new Zen architecture, RYZEN CPU features eight cores and 16 threads coupled with a shared 4 + 16 MB (L2 + L3) cache.

The AMD RYZEN chip offers a base clock speed of 3.4GHz, though there will be models with higher clock speeds. The chip features the Simultaneous Muti-threading capability, while delivering more than 40% IPC gain. Moreover, the TDP is rated at only 95W which is a remarkable feat to achieve considering the specs featured on RYZEN.

Moving to the leaked RYZEN CPU benchmarks, the chip scored 1188 points in Cinebench R15. For comparison, Intel’s Kaby Lake based Core i7-7700K scores 966 points at stock and 1083 points when overclocked to 5GHz as spotted in the latest leaked benchmarks.

The Broadwell-E processors such as the Core i7-6900K achieves 1500 cb points while the flagship Core i7-6950X reaches over 1800 cb points at stock clocks.

In Fritz Chess benchmark, RYZEN achieves a relative score of 36.86 points and 17693 Kilo Nodes per second. This is not quite as much of a comparison for the Core i7-6900K which delivers around 22500 points in the same benchmark, with the Core i7-6950X scoring beyond 24000 points.

The smaller Core i7-7700K based on Kaby Lake scores a relative score of 35.52 points and 17049 points in Kilo Nodes test at stock clocks.

The AMD RYZEN seems to have reached the Broadwell-E levels of performance at least, even if Intel still showcases better figures. Nonetheless, we advise you to treat the above RYZEN CPU benchmarks with caution as there is no detailed information on the test bench and settings.

AMD is set to launch RYZEN CPUs under Summit Ridge platform in the first quarter of 2017, around February – March. We should expect more details on RYZEN pricing and SKUs to arrive at CES 2017, which kick off in January.

Update [12:28 p.m on Dec. 20, 2016]: The original post over at Baidu forums has now been deleted and the moderator confirmed that the benchmarks were fake – actually run by using Xeon E5 2660 processor. I’m not deleting the post as it could help others who might have thought it to be a legitimate leak.