AMD XP CPU Rumors Hint at Zen Pricing & Specs, But Are They Accurate?

With AMD’s “New Horizon” event just around the corner, lots of rumors regarding the next generation Zen architecture are circulating around the web. The latest of these include a slide and chart which are popping up on various websites including Reddit, and people are once again debating the validity of the leak.

More AMD Zen Pricing and Specs Rumors Surface

First things first, the Zen based chips are dubbed XP CPUs. As per the leak, the AMD XP CPU architecture will have up to eight cores and 16 threads, with some chips arriving with AMD’s own version of SMT known as ZScaling. In addition to this, the new processors will come with user-adjustable TDP limits with AMD Unlocked. The pricing starts at $189 and go up to $400 for the high-end parts.



Well, I am going to say it right up front that both the slide and chart are fake. Why? There are a couple of reasons behind this. First, the background of both of these is readily accessible, in fact, it appears to be recycled from AMD’s HotChips 28 slide deck. So as long as you’ve got font which is roughly the same scale, it’s not particularly that tricky to put together this stuff.

Another thing which makes this leak look suspicious is that they have mentioned pricing in the slide. If AMD is supposed to use this slide at their New Horizon event, it’s highly unlikely that they will reveal pricing at this point. Generally speaking, pricing is something which you want to hold on to the last minute to create an air of mystery.

Long story short, I personally believe that the slides are fake, but it won’t take long before we know what the Team Red has in store to offer.

AMD New Horizon event to Preview Zen CPUs

AMD is planning a special media event called “New Horizon” on December 13 at 3pm CST. At the event, the chipmaker will not only be showing off their new Zen CPU, but it’ll be the first time the public will be able to try it themselves and see its capabilities. The Zen based chips will hit the shelves in Q1 2017.


If a previous leak are to be believed, the Zen processors will launch in three distinct tiers – SR7, SR5 and SE3 – with flagship SR (possibly Summit Ridge) tier featuring eight cores and 16 threads. An engineering sample of the new processor was spotted running at 3.5GHz boost clock. The Zen flagship chip is rumored to retail for around $499 and give the $999 Intel Core i7-5960X a run for its money in terms of performance.

The Summit Ridge family of desktop CPUs is expected to debut at CES 2017 in January. The CPU launch will be accompanied by a plethora of brand-new AM4 motherboards featuring the high-end X370 series chipset.