Tesla competitor WM Motors Unveils New SUV Photoshopped on top of Mitsubishi

Touted as a legitimate Tesla competitor, the billion-dollar Chinese electric vehicle startup WM Motors is being accused of ripping off Mitsubishi.

Recently, WM Motors sent out a press release to outlets in its home market, which focused on first three car models the company plans to launch sometime in 2018. The release also includes some promotional photos of future vehicles; however the photos aren’t exactly what they appear to be.


As discovered by Electrek’s Fred Lambert, WM Motors’ SUV shockingly resembles a Mitsubishi Outlander. Well, car companies ripping off each other isn’t something new, but WM Motors has taken things to a whole other level.

The EV startup photoshopped its SUV directly on top of a press photo of the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander. The wheels, mirrors, doorhandles and windows are directly lifted off the Mitsu; even the background remains unchanged except for photoshopping the little cloud out.


On a serious note, however, this is kind of disappointing from a startup that reportedly already managed to raise over $1 billion in just over a year to bring these models to market.

WM Motors is founded by Freeman Shen, a former Geely executive who oversaw the takeover of Volvo. The firm’s Suzhou factory is planned to manufacture 50,000 cars per year starting in 2018. The hardware of cars is rumored to being produced in cooperation with the German companies Bosch and Siemens, while there is also talk of the vehicles integrating Huawei connectivity technology.