Google Pixel XL users Report Random Reboot Issue, No Fix Yet

Users of Google Pixel XL are reporting random reboots which occur after the device freezes up. A handful of threads across Google Product Forums have already popped up regarding the issue, but it’s still unknown if it is related to third-party apps or the hardware/firmware itself.

“I continue to have issues with my Pixel XL, which is not even a month old. Everything works well, EXCEPT it reboots randomly after freezing up. This happened day one multiple times and now continues randomly at least once a day or so,” writes one of the affected device users.

Another Pixel XL user said the rebooting occurs spontaneously before the device gets stuck in a reboot loop.

People that have done some limited amount of investigation suggest that this could be caused by to a third-party app because the developer has not updated their app for the latest version of Android which Pixel XL is running.

It is recommended to run the device in safe mode as it prevents non-stock apps from running, and if the behavior does not occur, it is a good indication that a third-party app was causing the issue.

Since there is no way to determine which app is causing the issue, you’ll have to uninstall a single app at a time and continue using your device until you find the culprit. Though some users who have already run the phone in safe mode report that the problem persists, which indicates that there may be a bigger issue at play.

So far, Google has not made an official comment on the matter, or what could be its cause and a possible solution.

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