Google’s New Algorithm will Auto Remove Fake Reviews and Ratings on Play Store

In its efforts to improve the user experience at Play store, Google is taking a huge step towards removing fake reviews and ratings. The search giant is creating a new algorithm that will hit the store in the coming months and will substantially limit the amount of spam and fake reviews.

Google explained in a blog post today:

“In continuing our efforts to combat spammy behavior, we’ve also improved the ways we identify and remove fake reviews and ratings. With this enhanced capability we are now able to identify and remove more fake reviews and ratings with greater accuracy.”

Google’s state-of-the-art algorithm will identify with great accuracy all the spam and fake reviews that get posted on the platform. The system will then auto remove any reviews and ratings it identifies as counterfeit.


If you’re a developers and working with a third-party marketing agency to promote your app, it is recommended to check-in and ensure that the promotion techniques you’re using are legitimate, and and adhere to the Google Play Developer Policy.

“The basic rule of thumb for reviews and ratings is that they should come from genuine users, and developers should not attempt to manipulate them in any form (e.g., fake, paid, incentivized),” says Google.

At this point, we don’t know how Google’s new algorithm will be able to identify fake reviews and ratings, and can only hope that it doesn’t remove any genuine ones.