Trump still using Android Phone is a Security Threat to US, Experts warn

Apparently, the USA president-elect Donald Trump is still using his personal Android phone, and this poses a major security threat to the United States and its allies, according to the experts.

Various security experts have analyzed Trump’s social media activity-posts and comments made by him and his aides-and concluded that he has not given up his regular Android device yet. The Google-made Android platform is widely regarded as vulnerable to hacking attacks. Using known techniques, attackers could manage to access all of Trump’s personal info such as messages, phone’s camera and microphone, and even location feeds.

Martin Alderson, co-founder of mobile security company Codified Security, told The Telegraph that President Obama was given an NSA-made phone for his personal use. The phone, which is speculated to be a hardened version of Samsung Galaxy S4, has biometric authentication, with every kind of communication blocked except for calling feature. Here’s how Obama described his old-school phone at Jimmy Fallon’s show in June:

Unlike Obama, Trump has already said that he wishes to continue using his Android phone when he enters the White House. He worries that giving up his personal smartphone will disconnect him from the outside world.

Trump is seen using his handset many times a day, and that continues while he has started receiving sensitive high level briefings with Obama and staff. But that won’t be the case once he steps into the White House.

“President-elect Trump is going to find there’s no way he gets to continue using a phone in the same fashion as any other American citizen,” says Alderson. “The number of critical vulnerabilities on his choice platform Android, such as Stagefright, TowelRoot, and Quadrooter, show that Android is high risk for someone in his position.”