Google Pixel users encounter weird Image Bug in Screenshots sent from iPhone 7

Some Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners are reportedly experiencing an image bug that distorts screenshots whenever they are sent from an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Over the past few weeks, several Pixel users have reported the weird bug on the Pixel User Community. According to most complaints, the screenshots only get the dimension and colour distortion within an iPhone app, and that both native and third party apps are affected in the same manner.

Credit: Pat OBrien / Google Product Forum
Credit: Pat OBrien / Google Product Forum

Complaining of the issue, Pat OBrien, one of many affected device users, said on the forum:

When I get a screenshot from an iPhone 7 Plus texted to me as a text attachment (aka MMS), it comes across all distorted. Let me break this down a little bit:

* Screenshots of the iPhone home screen texted to me are fine
* Screenshots from within any app (native or not) on the iPhone come across distorted (native phone, messages, email, as well as 3rd party apps like ESPN, etc)

Why is this a problem? I have friends who frequently send me screenshots of their phone for various reasons. Since switching to the Pixel, I can’t see what they’re sending me.

Moreover, it appears that the image bug is not reversible, meaning the screenshots sent from Google Pixel to iPhone 7 are not distorted at all.

Some users have pointed out that the error appears to be in the way the new Android Nougat 7.1 handles image files. Since Google Pixel phones are the only devices to run 7.1 pre-loaded, it’s very likely that it could be an OS issue rather than device-based.

Google is reportedly aware of the Pixel image bug but there is no official statement from the Support staff on the forums yet.

Feature Image via Android Police.