Fix for Nougat WiFi Disconnect issue for Nexus 6P & 5X Coming Next Month

Google has apparently fixed the long-standing Android Nougat WiFi disconnect issue in Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. The Android team marked the issue as ‘Future Release’ today, meaning they have the fix with them and will release it as part of the next monthly update.

First reported by a user in build NRD90M in late August 2016, the Issue 221056 was causing Nexus 5X and 6P devices to disconnect automatically from WiFi at random times. The devices may not recognize WiFi networks anymore after reboot, even when totally switched on.

The phone would continue to scan for WiFi networks, endlessly, eventually draining the battery. Google didn’t address the issue in subsequent updates, and third part apps were also not able to fix it, so it was a big headache for Nexus 6P and 5X users.

It’s worth mentioning that some Nexus 6P owners are already reporting the Nougat WiFi disconnect issue fixed for them after they updated to the latest NPF26F update. However, it’s early to give a judgement at this point, but anyway, the next batch of updates should fix it once and for all.

If you’re experiencing the WiFi issue on your Nexus 5X or 6P device, and can’t wait for the next update to roll out, you may try keeping WiFi always on.

For this, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, then tap on Gear icon at top right to reach configure Wi-Fi screen. Once there, tap on ‘Keep Wi-Fi during sleep’ option, and select ‘Always’ on the pop-up that shows up.

Tap on Home button and check if WiFi is back already. Otherwise, reboot your Nexus device but keep in mind that a reboot would restore the WiFi temporarily, even when the issue is there. So you should better wait for a while to see if the above procedure has actually solved the issue for you.

  • Treybo

    I hope this addressed the MAC address issue that causes constant scanning. This was reported to Google months ago. They really have dropped the ball on this and turned there Nexus crowd into Pixel doubters.

  • Josh Niesler

    Really? I’ve have never had this issue on my 6P, not that I’m complaining!

  • Shatmes

    Need to fix the Miracast issue also

  • Shane B

    I’m no where near the technical proficiency I had in my 20’s. However, I’m competent enough to figure most things out with a quick YouTube video or search. My wife, conversely, is not. If Google wants to re-brand their phone line & capture more of the iPhone market, you’d think they’d make sure to have CCPs (critical control points) in place in the mfg & firmware/software process. Something like Wifi connectivity is crucial to many people who are not competent enough to be tech savvy. I bought my 6P when my SGS4 finally died & am patient but, to have to reboot your phone once or twice a day is a grave inconvenience when we as a society utilize this piece of tech so heavily for work in many cases.

  • Humanman

    I agree they dropped the ball on nougat in some aspects. Frankly, the last DP worked better on my N6.

  • Have LG Nexus 5x with Nougat for just over a month. No such problem in my case. (Am in Czech Rep)