Phil Spencer Hints Xbox Scorpio Will Not Use AMD Jaguar CPU, More Details on Oct. 26

We know that Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox One console, codenamed Project Scorpio, will be using a semi-custom SoC from AMD. However, amidst reports of AMD launching their new custom SoCs in 2018, we reported last month that the Scorpio could feature the existing AMD Jaguar CPU – the one currently in use by the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro.

But, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has apparently debunked those reports saying the Scorpio is going to be a “premium product” that would launch with the latest hardware technology from AMD.

Xbox Scorpio To Use The Latest Hardware; AMD’s Zen CPU & Polaris GPU?

Spencer said that during an interview with GameSpot at Australia’s EB Expo convention, where he was sharing his thoughts on recent events in the console space. The boss of Xbox noted that the launch of the PS4 Pro and it arrival a year before the Scorpio didn’t affect their plan at all. The Xbox Scorpio is designed to stand out of the crowd with its native 4K performance that is made possible thanks to the use of the newest hardware on the market.

About two and a half years ago we started to look at a hardware refresh that we might want to do, which in the end led to the Xbox One S and Scorpio in terms of designs. We’d looked at doing something that was higher performance this year, and I’d say the [PS4] Pro is about what we thought–with the GPU, CPU, memory that was here this year–that you could go do, and we decided that we wanted to do something different.

So we looked at Scorpio and 4K and what I thought was a bigger step in terms of performance. It was something that we wanted to focus on.

Microsoft has confirmed Scorpio will offer eight CPU cores, over 320GB/s of memory bandwidth and six TF of GPU power. While hard specs are yet to be revealed, there is a very good chance the console will be powered by a semi-custom SoC outfitted with AMD’s upcoming Zen CPU and the latest Polaris GPU. Not only this configuration is capable of delivering 4K gaming and VR support, but it also neatly matches up with the Scorpio’s confirmed specs.

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Xbox Scorpio Develpment and Expected Pricing

According to Spencer, development is shaping up really well for the Xbox Scorpio; in fact, they are a little ahead of the hardware timelines. The team behind the project has been looking into what it takes to run games like Forza Motorsport 6: Apex at 4K on PC as they wanted to bring that capability on console. Turns out 6 teraflops is the device capability that they need in order to hit the high-fidelity 4K experiences.

So they designed the specs around 6 TFLOPs and went through some of these specs at E3 in the video. That was in part to give developers time to get themselves familiar with the hardware and make sure that they’re targeting that performance for their games.

Since we’re focusing on a box that can support true 4K and a 4K frame buffer and a lot of PC games already support that; it’s not a new language or asset base for them in terms of things that we’re asking them to go do. I’m also pretty confident in the content line-up that we’ll see.


Spencer further said that the Scorpio and One S will co-exist in the market. There’s a clear performance difference between the two products and so there will be a price difference as well.

But I also want people to understand that Scorpio is going to be a premium console. Like, I’m not trying to sell you a high-end gaming PC rig for a couple of thousand dollars or something. We look at consumer price points of consoles and definitely our target is to hit that. But it will be a premium version of an Xbox One and we’ll talk more about pricing as we’re cutting it closer to the launch and everything else.

Considering the Xbox One S retails for $399, we can expect Microsoft’s upcoming console to be priced between $499 and $549. The Xbox Scorpio will be available in the holidays season of 2017.

New Information About Scorpio Coming on Oct. 26

Microsoft has announced a Windows 10 and Surface event that will take place in New York City on October 26.

The software giant is expected to unveil new Surface hardware and details on the next Windows 10 OS as well as related devices at the event. Rumor has it that some Xbox-related announcements are also coming our way, probably new information about the Project Scorpio.

The event will be live streamed at 10 a.m. ET and we’ll bring you the latest as it happens.

  • jonuiuc

    XB1S retails for $299 (500mb) now, so a year from now I can see them taking a $50 price cut. $399 might not be out of the question for the entry Scorpio a year from now.

    • Mark


      • Gamez Rule

        “Xbox boss Phil Spencer has debunked those reports saying the Scorpio is going to be a “premium product” that would launch with the latest hardware technology from AMD”

        LMAO! It was a custom Jaguar after all and not the latest AMD hardware.

        • Mark

          Gamez I feel like ur trolling now. The Forza demo demolishes anything on the pro from a PERFORMANCE viewpoint. So what it’s a Jaguar, it’s currently handling waaay more than the Pro. It’s like ur focusing on the label of the CPU, but you don’t wanna talk about the demo…..isn’t that what ULTIMATELY matters, the performance? It seems like ur taking shots that doesn’t actually mean anything imo

          • Gamez Rule

            It means Phil was wrong when stating Scorpio would launch with the latest hardware technology from AMD as it’s not the latest AMD hardware in Scorpio’s CPU is it.

            Truth is the console isn’t even out to the public yet and until that day comes all we can go on is Forza showcasing Scorpio power set by MS themselves. Until we see games from third party devs like Starwars Battlefront, it’s only MS showing people what they want to see. So like I posted before, lets wait and see IF all games will be 4K at 60fps using ultra settings. I don’t believe that is possible via Scorpio’s hardware.

            PS4-Pro has a poor CPU and so does Scorpio as they are both custom Jaguar CPU’s and that’s far from AMD latest hardware, now that’s not trolling it’s the truth☺

          • Mark

            Phil never said they would be using AMD’s latest tech, he said “We looked at what the Pro’s GPU and CPU could offer, and we wanted to do something DIFFERENT”. People just translated that their own way (including me). So he didn’t say that. What he actually meant was it would be custom. Also, who said it will run all games 4k 60fps ultra?

          • Gamez Rule

            Lots of people believe that Scorpio will run ultra settings at 4k/60fps… Example: what really is *TRUE 4K Gaming*? Maybe we should ask MS.

          • Mark

            I beg to differ…..those people are HOPING for 4k60fps. But it’s a valid question to ask Phil, what is true 4K? Personally I think it means native 4k gaming, and of course with few exceptions. It sounds like they’re pushing for ultra settings and higher tho dude. The stuff I’m reading from EuroGamer is insanity; Xbox division is tryna get alot of devs running their games in 4k plus more, so we’ll see at E3

          • Gamez Rule

            Until Scorpio releases it’s all talk and hype.

            Look at how the Power Of The Cloud that was gonna be 20x that of Xbone power, or how Xbone S was gonna be better than PS4 for gaming, or how Albert Penello stated that MS have a great exclusive games lineup, and getting tonnes of developer support…. Now as you know we a still waiting for what Albert stated ages ago to happen as we still haven’t seen any exclusive games in 2017, We have heard nothing more about power of the cloud, and all hype soon becomes factual one way or another.

            Forza is used on Scorpio to show off powerful hardware, but what until we see Starwars Battlefield, or Titanfall 2, or battlefield one as that will show what the console can truly do.

            Now don’t get me wrong Scorpio is more powerful than PS4-Pro but fact is power without exclusive game support shown via past generation sales doesn’t mean much, and so far MS has nothing in that department as of yet four months into 2017 while Sony has a few on offer.

            Scorpio IMO is a little to late to the party but time will tell I guess IF Scorpio becomes a hit.

          • Mark

            Ultimately we have to wait till E3, in the meantime I don’t see any problem with anyone speculating based on current evidence. When people are proven wrong then hey so what. You feel like Scorpio is late cool. I for one am super pumped….I’ve always wanted the PC gamer experience and Scorpio’s lookin like the dream come true. Imo everyone’s getting what they want this year, #GameOn

          • Eddie Battikha

            Once again Phil couldn’t get his wording right, he said no Jaguar Cpu and it was a customized Jaguar Cpu ?

          • Mark

            According to DigitalFoundry Microsoft aren’t calling it Jaguar. Also I don’t remember Phil saying “not Jaguar”, could u throw me a link?

        • Eddie Battikha

          Phil’s a really good guy for Xbox, but man he can never get his wording right. PS5 Fall 2018 or in 2019 will show Scorpio what a Next Gen Console is all about.

    • SlutMagnet

      Some people are too stupid expecting it to be over 500$.

      • Stizz Get Cake

        I wouldn’t say people are stupid for assuming that previously it would have been more than $500 I think it is safe to say Microsoft was not stupid enough but rather smart enough to make it at a reasonable price given its current specs. People assumed it to be higher because it is considered a power beast with high specs.

        • SlutMagnet

          It’s using 6TFLOPS Vega hardware. Nowhere does that imply over 500$

    • T-money

      I think they’ll do 1tb for $300 rather than do a real price cut. Micheal Pachter, for all the times he’s wrong is actually right sometimes. He said MS did a great job of maintaining price throughout the Xbox 360’s lifespan. It launched at $400 and never went below $300. They added bigger hard drives, bundles and wifi as a means to maintain the price. I believe they’ll do the same for the X1 as well.

    • Jeff Scout

      Not gonna happen dude lol you’re at least 200 bucks short as Xbox Scorpio will launch around the 599.00 dollar price point, although I sure wish you were right as that be very cool to get that type of price to performance ratio but unfortunately this is the real world n you gotta be realistic

  • MrZweistein

    From the quotes of the article I wonder how the author comes to the conclusion of his headline.

    Phil Spencer doesn’t talk about the CPU specifically, he talking about the whole package. It could mean GPU only and could of course could mean CPU too but thats still speculation. There is nothing confirmed in that quotes that were given in the article.

    Btw how does that fit with the blog post on this blog that Zen was not possible for Scorpio because AND CEO said otherwise?

  • Jeff Scout

    Listen I’ve been telling everyone the same thing since Xbox Scorpio was announced ok the 6 teraflops is just the gpu compute power alone as that’s not including the power of the entire system which could very well end up being around 7 teraflops total system power BUT REGARDLESS BACK TO THE CPU ok the fact is the older tablet style jaguar cpu isn’t anywhere near powerful enough to push a 6 teraflop gpu as it would basically cripple the performance in an extreme bottleneck as the gpu would literally be starving to death lol THE XBOX SCORPIO IS GOING TO FEATURE THE VEGA GPU (stand alone) DEDICATED GPU & then the 8 core Zen based cpu with a shared unified 12gb gddr5x memory with 320gb per second memory bandwith OKAY LISTEN GUYS JUST LOOK AT THE ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO OF THE MOTHERBOARD N COMPONENTS WHICH MICROSOFT ALREADY CONFIRMED THAT GAMERS ARE VERY SMART IN POINTING OUT THE 12GB OF MEMORY CHIPS INSTALLED ON THE MOTHERBOARD BUT WHAT PEOPLE DIDN’T MENTION IS THAT THE VIDEO ALSO SHOWS A STAND ALONE DEDICATED GPU WITH IT’S OWN HEAT SINK + FAN ASSEMBLY so yea guys this Xbox Scorpio is going to be the real deal and just because AMD WON’T RELEASE ZEN APU until 2018 for the pc market that doesn’t mean that they didn’t develop a custom 8 CORE VERSION OF THE ZEN CPU FOR SCORPIO ok as trust me they absolutely will have an 8 core ZEN CPU + VEGA GPU stand alone as this system is gonna be absolutely wicked for a games console because people don’t realize that the gtx 980ti is a 6 teraflop gpu and guess what that card was the ultra high end graphics card less than a year ago and people don’t seem to realize that 6 teraflops of gpu compute power inside of a closed loop console type environment with an ultra low level console api coupled with an ultra powerful 8 core Zen Cpu and 12gb of shared system memory with 320gb per second memory bandwith is going to be an absolute power house and despite the nay sayers n console haters the fact is this system will absolutely be more than capable of running native 4k resolution AAA video games because people don’t understand that 6 teraflops of gpu compute power inside of a closed loop console is far more efficient than an equivalent 6 teraflop gpu in a computer where essentially developers are able to get upwards of 30 % more power n efficiency out of the same exact hardware when used inside of an ultra low level closed loop console as opposed to a computer where basically 6 teraflops inside of a console would be equivalent to roughly 8 + teraflops inside of a computer and then add in the capabilities of an 8 core zen cpu which has to do only one thing which is run games ok nothing else and so the POINT I’m getting at is that nearly all first party and or 3rd party AAA games developer’s who make pc games normally optimize the games for the mainstream hardware meaning that they can’t afford to waste time optimizing the game from absolute most powerful gpu down to the least powerful as most gamers have the equivalent of the gtx 960 graphics card ok only about 2% of all pc gamers use ultra high end graphics cards as only hardcore enthusiasts can afford them, so pc games are never pushed to the maximum potential which is why a game like Witcher 3 for example looks absolutely gorgeous on an ultra high end pc but the fact is it still looks great on an outdated low power console such as xbox one or ps4 and while it obviously looks alot better on the ultra high end pc the fact is the difference in quality is nowhere near the difference in price and or power and that’s because games are never taking full advantage of the ultra high end hardware as pc games are always held back by their console counterparts so what im getting at is because consoles offer developers one single piece of static hardware they can optimize the shit out of it because they can focus on the static hardware across the board as no need for scaling like pc needs with all the vastly different hardware gamers are using and so when developers get THEIR hands on 6 teraflops of console goodness with a true pc type powerful 8 core zen cpu the possibilities are through the roof literally and so yes XBOX SCORPIO WILL ABSOLUTELY BE CAPABLE OF NATIVE 4K RESOLUTION HIGH QUALITY SETTINGS VIDEO GAMES AND BEFORE ANYONE QUESTIONS WHAT I’M SAYING i believe the game developers know far more than any of us gamers do when it comes to the capabilities of console and or pc hardware AND THE FACT IS THAT WHILE SO MANY CONSOLE HATERS WANNA LAUGH SAYING NO WAY XBOX SCORPIO 6+ TERAFLOPS CAN DO NATIVE 4K 60FPS GAMING THE REALITY IS GUESS WHAT PEOPLE Microsoft decided to build a premium quality ultra powerful gaming console capable of no compromise true Native 4k gaming and THEY’RE THE ONES WHO WENT TO ALL OF THE MAJOR DEVELOPERS AND ASKED THEM STRAIGHT FORWARD HOW MUCH POWER IS NEEDED FOR A GAME CONSOLE TO RENDER FULL BLOWN NATIVE 4K 60FPS GAMING AND GUESS WHAT THE DEVELOPERS THEMSELVES ARE THE ONES WHO TOLD MICROSOFT THEY NEEDED 6 TERAFLOPS OF GPU COMPUTE POWER okay Microsoft didn’t just say hey we’re giving Xbox Scorpio 6 teraflops as we feel that’s more than enough power to do native 4k 60fps but rather they went directly to the developer’s and the developer’s themselves told MICROSOFT how much power was needed and the developer’s said 6 teraflops ok and i think developers know what their talking about and if they said 6 teraflops is what’s needed and that’s exactly what they said then that’s why Microsoft chose 6 teraflops ok THE DEVELOPERS KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT AND WHILE PEOPLE SAY WELL THE GTX 1080 CAN’T EVEN DO NATIVE 4K 60FPS YET And SO IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR XBOX SCORPIO BUT PEOPLE AGAIN DON’T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THAT the power needed inside of a closed loop gaming console is significantly lower than what’s needed for a pc Where XBOX SCORPIO WITH A 6+ TERAFLOP VEGA GPU + 8 CORE ZEN CPU will be able to run video games far more efficiently then even the gtx 1080 as developing for a console with an ultra low level console api is vastly superior to developing a game for a computer n it’s a vastly superior difference as it’s like night n day so just sit back n watch all the rich pc fanboys whine n cry when Xbox Scorpio gets released n the games are running full ultra quality native 4k 60fps on this Console where the games will look and run just as good as someone with a 2,000 dollar gaming pc with an i7 intel cpu and nvidia gtx 1080 and honestly in some cases THE Xbox Scorpio games will even look and run better than the ultra high end gaming computers where pc fanboys aren’t gonna be very happy lol anyways I’ve said enough for now guys ok lets sit back n wait until next year when Xbox Scorpio is released n then we can finalize all this bullshit doubt n questions from the nay sayers…..

  • T-money

    Im so drunk right now I thought October 26th was a few weeks away. Its nov 2 right now.

  • Jeff Scout

    The Xbox Scorpio won’t be anything less than 599.00 dollars guys ok that’s still well within the price range for a premium console with native 4k 60fps capabilities